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The Rare Books Mailing List




MOST IMPORTANTLY You must be subscribed to the list in order to post.
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-Only booksellers offering books for sale according to the rules outlined below may post to the list. This is not an open discussion list.

-Every subscribing dealer is allowed two posts per day, with a maximum of 10 books per posting. We encourage dealers to post groups of books which are of a similar subject matter within a specific post.

-Each book or other item posted For Sale must have a minimum price of $50; every book must be priced. The only time that books may be offered without being priced is when an announcement about the availability of a collection is made. In this case the posting dealer may say that the collection is available and further details may be found on his/her website, be sent by mail, etc., etc. We also allow announcements of books for auction, but ask that you expect the final selling price for the lot to be at least $50.

-If books are offered as a group, the lot price must be more than $50.

-Dealers must own the books they offer for sale, or have the explicit permission of the owner to offer them for sale.

-Send all "For Sale" posts to <> and be sure to put a brief descriptive header in the subject line of the header of your e-mail.

-The [RARE-BOOKS] tag is attached by the list software; please do not put it in.

-Dealers are asked to describe the condition of their books, guarantee the accuracy of their descriptions and offer a full refund for misdescribed items.

-Each dealer's posting must have a Terms of Sale statement which includes the following information

1. Means available to customers for ordering Phone, FAX, and/or e-mail.

2. A mailing address.

3. Ordering terms (Check With Order, Libraries billed, etc.), and acceptable means of payment (Checks, Credit Cards, etc.)

4. Statement of applicable sales tax.

5. Returns policy.


News & Announcements:

Dealers may also post notes regarding new catalogs or website updates, but are expected to use restraint and common sense in the frequency of such posts.

If you have any questions please contact Forrest Proper at <>

If you have read the rules and have no questions, please make sure your address is subscribed, and then send an email to with the words "posting application" in the subject line.  You will get a return email when your address has been enabled to post.