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The Rare Books Mailing List


Welcome to the home of the Rare Books Mailing List, a great place to browse for and buy rare and collectible books via email.   This is not a discussion list- no chat, no discussion threads, no flame wars!   We only have "Books for Sale" posts by booksellers.  Anyone can sign up to receive and read the list- if you would like to sign up to receive the list, please click here.

"Books for Sale" posts may only be made on the List by Posting Booksellers. Posting Booksellers do not pay a fee of any sort, but are expected to follow a few simple list rules. If you are a bookdealer and would like to become a Posting Bookseller of the Rare-Books Mailing List, please follow the instructions on our Dealer Rules page.





All contents of the Rare Books Mailing List website The Rare Books Mailing List,
with the exception of the contents of our Posting Dealers posts and book descriptions,
which are the individual Posting Dealer.